"When I was In High School

 I had a small combo amp with reverb and a 10 inch speaker. It was the only amp I owned at the time. I played that amp at home and in small venues with a rock combo at local gigs. That little amp was easy to transport, simple to use, extremely versatile, and it always sounded great. The Super Sport is all about that - the little amp that could. Not too big, not too small. Just right."

Super Sport Reverb SPECS:

Super Larry Amps Logo Plate:
I collected Hot Rod bubble gum cards as a kid. The cards had wild drawings of hot rod cars designed by "Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth". The font used for the "Super Larry Amps" logo is the same font from those cool cards.


Super Sport Reverb Face Plate:
High gloss laser etched aluminum.  Designed to emulate a racetrack (including a pit stop to the right of the knobs) and a dashboard of a high-performance street machine. 


Inspired by vintage tube console television sets from the 1950's and 60's - and the classic Silvertone 1482 amp.  Cabinet is made from solid white pine milled down to 5/8" thick.  The speaker baffle is 3/8" Baltic birch.


VerTical Side Mounted Recessed Controls: 
Settings are easy to read from a distance. Controls are protected. 


Floating Speaker Baffle:
Floating speaker baffle adds ambience to small cabinets. The entire speaker baffle can be removed in minutes. 


Super Sport SlaNted Side:
Looks cool and adds projection helping the amp sound more omnidirectional.


Deep Cabinet:
Cabinet depth enhanced to add bass response.  



Custom designed, Premium leather handle, hand-crafted in minneapolis - exclusively for Super Larry Amps.


6V6, 12AX7, 12AT7,  12AX7


Celestion 10" Alnico Gold. Made in the UK.


Heavy duty paper-layer wound American made to vintage specifications 


Custom made solid aluminum, anodized black finish, 1/8" thick, laser cut holes, corners are fully welded. 


Mallory 150 series coupling caps, Sprague bypass caps, F&T filter caps, Watts Tube Audio custom circuit board with heavy duty  double stacked turrets, Switchcraft jacks, Carling power switch, Belton tube sockets, heavy gauge speaker wire



19 1/4" w  x 13 1/2" 10 1/2" D  -  32 lbs