"When   I  was  a  kid,  our  television  was  the  size  of  a  mini-van  and  sat  in  the  corner  of  the  den.


      It was a black and white model from the 60's and it had at least 20 tubes inside. I remember having to wait for the TV to warm up before an image would appear. Back then, the world ran on vacuum tubes. The drug store in my home town had a broad selection of American made tubes (in the same aisle where they stocked light bulbs and fuses). Sometimes I wish I could go back in time...

     A great amp is the right combination of good circuitry, quality components, and top-notch workmanship. Get the recipe right, and you're rewarded with rich, harmonic, swirling invisible sonic angels every time you strum a chord. That's what Super Larry Amps are all about.

     Each Super Larry Amp is hand-crafted, utilizing the power of vacuum tubes, top drawer components, and a world-class build quality. My quest is to build amps that look beautiful and sound great. Once you've seen one, all you've got to do is listen."